What are Microwave RF Repeaters?

Microwave RF Repeaters – no power lines, no shelters, no roads

Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters are active through signal repeaters designed for remote locations. These repeaters draw 35 to 50 Watts of DC power per duplex channel pair. Site power can be photovoltaic solar electric generation and storage batteries. The repeater equipment is designed to be simple and highly reliable. Each signal channel has only one active element, a highly linear amplifier with internal redundancies. Amplifiers can draw DC power from redundant sources further enhancing system reliability.

Microwave RF Repeaters are ideal for remote, unattended locations. Their low power consumption and high reliability permit use where access is difficult. Weather resistant construction eliminates the need for a shelter in most applications.

Now, that mountain top, perfect for relaying signals between two sites, can be used as an active repeater station!

Active microwave RF repeaters can be used where other remote repeater site solutions don’t cut it. Active repeaters add gain to the signals and thus require much smaller antennas than passive repeaters using back-to-back antennas. Active repeaters are easier to site and construct than passive reflector or “billboard” repeaters. Passive reflectors develop very narrow beamwidth signal patterns that can lead to fading due to refractivity in the atmosphere. Active repeaters using parabolic antennas minimize this cause of fading.

Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters are available in configurations to support low to high capacity links, multicarrier, single and dual polarization, adaptive modulation, automatic transmit power control, and XPIC. RF repeaters can be used in tandem applications typically up to five hops with proper design considerations.

Difficult, challenging, tough applications are where these versatile repeaters thrive! Challenge us!

Author: Chris Sayles

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