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Since our formation over 20 years ago, we’ve specialized in the repair of microwave radio systems at the component level. Our staff is versed in many of the products offered in the telecommunication industry and they have first hand experience repairing those products from the component level. We pride ourselves on not swapping units, but actually performing repair and correcting the problem reported when sending your unit in (unless the client is looking for a replacement in a hurry, please see our advanced exchange program).  All repaired units undergo a minimum 24 hour “burn in”  before they’re sent back to our clients to ensure proper function in the field. Our standard repair warranty is 12-Months in which if your repaired unit fails within the first year, send it back and we’ll fix it no questions asked.


We are the Factory Authorized Repair Center for Microwave Networks Networks Inc.


One Year Warranty
Minimum 24 Hour Burn-In Before Return
Documented Repair Diagnosis and Corrective Action
Two Week Turnaround on Average
Spares Support
Competitive Flat Rate Repair Pricing
Advanced Exchange

We Support These Models:

Alcatel - Lucent - Nokia

  • Wavence
  • MPR 9500
  • MDR 8000
  • MDR 6000
  • MDR 5000
  • MDR 4000


  • EX-2.4i-16
  • EX-5i-16

Microwave Networks

  • CM 6 & 11
  • DR +
  • Telestar 2, 6 & 10

Harris - Stratex - Aviat

  • IRU 600
  • Constellation

Western Multiplex/Proxim

  • Tsunami

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