Engineering Process

Microwave Radio EF & I Steps

Below is our complete Microwave Radio Engineering, Furnish and Install process. With our 20 years of experience we have developed an efficient process that helps us keep our client projects in budget, on time and to ensure the highest reliability. From start to finish our team will help with all your Microwave Radio needs.

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Step One: Pathloss Calc.

PL5 Path Calculation, desktop
engineering review for feasibility.

Step Two: Line Of Sight Survey

Sample Line of Sight (LOS) Survey
Confirm LOS & antenna heights.

Step Three: Site Walk

Actual site walk and planing
for equipment installation

Step Four: Tower Mapping

Sample Tower Mapping
Map current tower system for structural analysis.

Step Five: Re-run Pathloss Calc.

Sample Pathloss Calculation
Re-run original analysis to include LOS data.

Step Six: Product Selection

Sample Bill of Materials (BOM)
(Selection of products / price quote)

Step Seven: Start FCC License

Apply for license with the
Federal Communications Commision

Step Eight: Structure Analysis

Audit structure to ensure room for
necessary equipment (Sample Sheet).

Step Nine: Complete FCC License

Finalize application process with the
Federal Communication Commission.

Step Ten: Order Equipment

Purchase all equipment listed
in the Bill of Material (BOM)

Step Eleven: Bench Test

Assemble entire system to configure
setup and test equipment.

Step Twelve: Equipment Installation

Install all equipment
at tower/site location.

Step Thirteen: Final Data Sheet

Sample Data Sheet
Final system test to ensure success.

Step Fourteen: Closeout Documentation

Sample Closeout Document
Final project document with all data.

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