Backhaul Redundancy Vs Diversity

What is the difference between network redundancy and network diversity? Redundant routes ensure if a primary link fails the secondary takes over on the same network path.  Network diversity ensures that if the redundant route fails there will be alternate path. Having both traits in your network ensures your mission critical infrastructure stays up and running in the face of avoidable and unavoidable network outage conditions.

Redundancy and Diversity come into play when you are looking at transmission mediums and equipment as well.  Leaning on one transmission method too heavily can limit your options to bolster your network infrastructure. For example, too many fiber optic links traversing the same routes can lead single points of failure if the fibers all converge on one common cross connect.

Introducing properly designed microwave radio links can add both redundancy and diversity to any network.  Running a microwave radio link in parallel to an existing fiber route will provide a redundant path in the event of a fiber outage. Additionally opening a new path in your network using microwave radio can deliver network diversity that fiber or lease circuits may not be able to deliver. Strategically placed microwave radio links can dramatically improve the redundancy and diversity of your infrastructure.

In conclusion, keeping an open mind to your network infrastructures redundancy and diversity will lead to a more reliable network.  Infiniti Wireless has a team of network engineers that are well versed in designing redundant and diverse networks.  Our engineering team will call on our expertise working with public safety, utilities, private enterprise, and wireless carriers to design a network for your specific needs.  Please contact Infiniti Wireless today to discuss how we can assist you in creating a more robust network.

What is Impervious to Backhoe Fading?

Have you ever had a redundant fiber or circuit fail all together? Could it be backhoe fading? What is backhoe fading?! This phenomenon occurs when a backhoe or another construction device digs up the conduit your communication lines are running through and breaks your connection. What’s worse is when your “redundant” circuit is in the same conduit as the primary which will cause a complete outage on your critical network link! The solution is adding microwave radio communication links which are impervious to backhoe fading! Infiniti Wireless has over 25 years in the microwave radio communications industry that we can use to help you make your network faster and more reliable using microwave radio. Contact us today for more information.

Disasters Happen, What’s Your Backup Plan?

Disasters never send a meeting invitation. That is why having an emergency communication backup plan for your critical infrastructure is important. Rapidly deployable microwave radio kits are a great way to gain this advantage. Infiniti Wireless has been configuring, staging, and deploying emergency microwave links for critical infrastructure during the last 5 years. Our emergency licensing team is standing by to file STA licenses during disaster situations to get licenses granted in as soon as 24 hours.  Flexible options for budget, equipment manufacture, antennas sizes, and licensing available. Call us today to discuss what the best fit for your network is.


What are Microwave RF Repeaters?

Microwave RF Repeaters – no power lines, no shelters, no roads

Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters are active through signal repeaters designed for remote locations. These repeaters draw 35 to 50 Watts of DC power per duplex channel pair. Site power can be photovoltaic solar electric generation and storage batteries. The repeater equipment is designed to be simple and highly reliable. Each signal channel has only one active element, a highly linear amplifier with internal redundancies. Amplifiers can draw DC power from redundant sources further enhancing system reliability.

Microwave RF Repeaters are ideal for remote, unattended locations. Their low power consumption and high reliability permit use where access is difficult. Weather resistant construction eliminates the need for a shelter in most applications.

Now, that mountain top, perfect for relaying signals between two sites, can be used as an active repeater station!

Active microwave RF repeaters can be used where other remote repeater site solutions don’t cut it. Active repeaters add gain to the signals and thus require much smaller antennas than passive repeaters using back-to-back antennas. Active repeaters are easier to site and construct than passive reflector or “billboard” repeaters. Passive reflectors develop very narrow beamwidth signal patterns that can lead to fading due to refractivity in the atmosphere. Active repeaters using parabolic antennas minimize this cause of fading.

Peninsula Engineering’s microwave RF repeaters are available in configurations to support low to high capacity links, multicarrier, single and dual polarization, adaptive modulation, automatic transmit power control, and XPIC. RF repeaters can be used in tandem applications typically up to five hops with proper design considerations.

Difficult, challenging, tough applications are where these versatile repeaters thrive! Challenge us!

We are pleased to announce the merger of their two companies

Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. and Infiniti Wireless, Inc. are pleased to announce the merger of their two companies.


Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. is the world’s leading manufacturer and seller of Microwave RF Repeaters. Since 1983, Peninsula Engineering has taken pride in providing highly reliable, cost effective solutions that require very low power to operate. Each Microwave RF Repeater is housed in a weather tight cabinet that can withstand temperatures from -40°C to +60°C. Microwave RF Repeaters are installed all over the world in over 30 countries. Peninsula Engineering also provides robust remote site and off-grid power solutions focused on telecommunications needs.


Infiniti Wireless, Inc. is a Sales, Service, Engineering, and Installation company, specializing in Microwave Communications. Since 1997, Infiniti Wireless, Inc. has specialized in the resale, design, installation and support of high performance digital transmission & IP network systems. Infiniti Wireless, Inc. provides services for private, commercial and government applications.


Peninsula Engineering Solutions, Inc. will continue to operate as it always has with the highest quality and customer service that our customer’s have come to expect.



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Alcatel MDR-8000 Repair

Continued support of Alcatel MDR-8000

No matter the age Infiniti Wireless has your network covered 

Regardless of the age of the Alcatel MDR-8000 system, Infiniti Wireless will continue to support this system at a high level. We pride ourselves on being able to offer support of a given system and continue to do so as long as our customers need the support. Much like any repair offered by Infiniti Wireless,  our Alcatel MDR-8000 repair services comes with:

  • Standard 12-Month warranty (Repair/Spares Purchase)
  • Component Level Repair (Not just swapping with a different unit)
  • Industry leading low flat rate repair prices
  • Sufficient inventory to provide spare support for as long as your network needs
  • Turn key systems
  • Free live tech support with one of our technicians
  • On-site customer training
  • Field repairs/ Preventative maintenance


Infinitiwireless® is a microwave telecommunications EF & I (engineering, furnish & install) company based in Sacramento, California. We specialize in the resale, design, install and support of microwave radio systems. For past 20 years we have offered exceptional support to private entities, commercial companies and government organizations. Read our full story to learn more about Infinitiwireless.

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